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Update on COVID-19

Safety Measures and Protocols against Covid-19


- All apartments & public spaces are carefully & meticulously disinfected prior the arrival of the new guests.


- Cleaning service in the room & linen/towel change is provided only once (1 time) per week, while the guests are out of the room for a full-day excursion. The guests should inform the management 3 days prior about their holiday plans.


- Guests are provided with household bags (grey-coloured) where they may put their linen & towels just before the day agreed for cleaning service.


- Guests are also provided with kitchen & toilet nylon bags (white-coloured) where they may put their household litter and carry them in the black garbage can outside the building (on the right-hand side).


- Courtesy rooms (public toilets) by the pool and the reception are closed. Guests are requested to use their own apartment facilities.


- Sunbeds by the pool are numbered, so that the guests of each room have their own personal sunbeds.


- Guests are requested to use the shower before and after entering the pool.


- Guests are requested NOT to use the hairdryers installed in W.C.


- Guests are requested to use the ceiling fans (free of charge), and NOT to use the A/C installed in the apartments.


- Guests are requested to use the elevator ONLY for their luggage. Face mask is compulsory, if using the elevator.


- Guests are requested to keep the desired physical distance (2 meters) with the staff members & the hotel guests.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more info or help to make your trip and accommodation confortable and safe.